18 / Oct.
2023 Our New Project at FRASTA in the region of TZOUMERKA (Epirus, Western Greece)

2023 Our New Project is the Restoration of a Traditional School at FRASTA in the region of TZOUMERKA (Epirus, Western Greece). A Faculty teaching Traditional Building Techniques.

Our next project aims to support the interdisciplinary organization "Boulouki" (www.boulouki.org) in establishing a Faculty for Traditional Building Techniques in Frasta (Tzoumerka). A team that consists of variety of people, from craftsmen to younger local people from Greece and abroad, and who thrive in learning, is already working on the external restorations of this old establishment.

Architects, engineers, craftsmen, artisans, artists and researchers from Greece and abroad, together with local youth, local craftsmen, scientific staff and the local community engage, in seminars and workshops, studying and learning, on-the-spot, in order to apply and use local traditional materials and building techniques while adapting the methods to today's needs and requirements.

A visit of a couple of members of our Organisation were extremely impressed by the love and passion all these different age, background and nationality people shared, helping, teaching and learning from one another through all the stages of repairing and researching on the ways of processing, using and adapting different methods on the traditional materials. Their enthusiasm and their vision was the source of inspiration to support this extremely interesting project that will be a gift to younger generations going forward.

Our organisation, "Panos & Cressida 4 Life” will undertake the Restoration of the main hall of this one-Classroom Primary School and provide all the Electronics equipment and Furniture required.

When finalized (Spring of 2024) the “Frasta School” will be the main hall hosting Workshops  and Seminars training for, mainly, young people of the region or from all over Greece and maybe from abroad wanting to train on Traditional Construction Techniques. The project will begin in the summer of 2023.

For more information visit: https://fb.watch/gSX7So2In0/


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