Who we are

The Organization «Panos & Cressida – Help The children», also known as «Panos&Cressida4Life» was originally established in 2006 (as «Panos4Life») as a «civil not-for-profit society» in memory of Panos Vardakas, who fought hard against illness, by close friends and family. The organization was extended in 2010, so as to include the memory of Cressida Spachis, a childhood friend and classmate of Panos, who passed away unexpectedly.

The idea originated not only from our desire to offer material help. We also wished to devote some time to young people and make their lives easier and more pleasant, especially when chance circumstances or illness inhibited their career or development of their talents…

The aims of the organization are

to offer help to children and youth dealing with serious problems of health, violence, addiction or abandonment and to children living in remote, underprivileged areas in order to help them remain at their homes, and

to support their efforts for education, acquisition of experience, social inclusion and promotion of their talents, by providing scholarships or other help.

Panos and Cressida

Panos Vardakas, an economist, struggled with cancer for many years. He left us in 2006 at the age of 29. He showed exceptional sensitivity, sense, courage and patience and he gave us all a lesson in how to confront valiantly the hardships of life. Everyone acknowledged his passion for photography and sports and his wholehearted devotion to helping others and especially children.

Cressida Spachis, a civil engineer and a childhood friend of Panos, passed away suddenly in 2010 at the age of 33. Dynamic and intelligent, she quickly progressed up the hierarchy of a big London company. A respected and valued colleague, she supported and trained young co-workers and was a protagonist in the «Company female movement». An enthusiastic dancer, skier and swimmer, she was above all steadfast, tender and devoted to her family, friends and her local community. 

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