Help to youth and children in need

Ways to support

Panos & Cressida 4 Life has already received many kind donations of «joy» (e.g. for a baptism or birth) and «sorrow» (e.g. in the memory of a beloved person). Calendars and greeting cards are issued every year, and a Christmas bazaar is organized by the friends of the Organization, with natural and home-made products. Moreover, music or song recitals are being held – 4 have taken place so far (one in Athens, two in Brussels and one in Paros island)-.  All of the above have allowed Panos4Life to show considerable activity that is growing continually (see «Our actions» also).

We believe that the most important matter – which was, after all, the aim behind the original idea for the founding of this Not-for-profit organization – is not only the collection of money to be offered for noble causes. We believe that the offering of personal time for a fellow human being has greater value than the mere offering of money or other material help. This is the only way that we can really approach someone, ease him or her, and make the life or progress of young people easier and more pleasant, when chance or illness have brought on hardships that prevent them from developing their talents…

Subscribe or Donate

If you or your friends wish to become a member of the groups of friends of Panos&Cressida4Life, be informed of its activities and, if you so wish, help us in any way you can, please subscribe.

The annual subscription is defined at 20 €.

There are two bank accounts of PANOS AND CRESSIDA – HELP TO THE CHILDREN where you can send your subscription:

ALPHA BANK, IBAN: GR69 0140 1890 1890 0200 2002 484, BIC: CRBAGRAA, and

Eurobank, IBAN: GR35 0260 2210 0003 6010 1219 202, BIC: EFGBGRAA

The subscription may also be payed to the Organization’s Treasurer during one of our events.

Because of difficulties in Bank communication concerning deposits (e.g. Name and Address for deposits from abroad, address for deposits within the country) we are always happy to receive your calls or emails informing us of your deposit, the occasion and your address (e.g. via the «Contact us» page of our website), so that we may send you the relevant receipts.