Codified Articles of Association

Establishment of a non-profit organisation


 In Athens today, April 14, 2010, the undersigned parties:

1. Dionisia Sotiropoulou-Vardaka, Pharmacist

2. Aspasia Vardaka-Martini, Notary

3. Christina Papadaki, Private Employee

4. Maria Eleni Kousidi, Writer

5. Evangelos Vardakas, Mechanical - Electrical Engineer NTUA

6. Panagiotis Mavroeidis, Controller

7. Nikolaos Andritsos, Journalist

8. Katerina Pantou, Political Scientist

9. Stefania Tsouka, Graphic Designer

10. Philippos Vardakas, Journalist

11. Spyros Maniatopoulos, Lawyer

12. Christina Dounia, University Professor

13. Dimitris Koukoutsas, Informatics / Photographer

14. Katerina Kappou, Environmentalist

15. Fanourios Kazouris, Electrical Engineer

16. Panagis Martinis, Business Consultant

17. Eleni Spachi-Papazoi, European Commission official

18. Alexandros Spachis, European Commission official

19. Elissavet Spachi, Chemical Engineer

20. Alexandra Spachi, Mathematician

21. Elissavet Papazoi, Civil Engineer

22. Nymfodora Spachi, Guide

23. Maria Prokou, Economist


1. The above mentioned parties established in 2005 a non-profit organisation, governed by Articles 741 et seq. of the Civil Code, in memory of Panos Vardakas.  This non-profit organisation, following the amendment of the articles of association decided unanimously by the General Assembly, and which were formalised by the completion of the appropriate legal procedures dated 14 April 2010, shall be considered as, from that date, to be established in memory of Panos Vardakas and of Cressida Spachis.

2. The name of the non-profit organisation is "Panos & Cressida-Help  the children", and the equivalent name used in its relations with non-Greek speakers is «Panos&Cressida4Life».  The organisation is established in 1, Parthenonos street,  Palaio Faliro (Athens), Postal Code  17562, Greece.

3. The objectives of the organisation are:

a) to assist children and young people who have serious health problems or have become subject to  abuse, violence and exploitation or are experiencing a troubled family environment (for example sick or dependent parents) by offering financial aid and psychological support to both the young persons and their families; to encourage the efforts of these youngsters to develop an interest in the arts - especially photography - and in athletic activities in Greece and abroad;

b) to offer financial support to young persons  with special talents in the  arts and sciences, who lack sufficient means to complete and further their studies in Greece and abroad;

c) to contribute and support the design, construction, repair and equiping of all types of educational facilities (nurseries, kindergartens, schools, libraries etc.) and youth recreational and sports facilities (playgrounds, football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools  etc.) in Greece and abroad.

The organisation will facilitate the participation of young people and children (beneficiaries???)  in competitions, exhibitions, sports  events, etc;  will organise events, publications or  websites’ presentations  for the promotion of artistic creations of children and young people and their friends, supporters, or organisation members, with the aim of raising funds for achieving and promoting the organisation’s objectives in Greece and abroad.

4. To further these objectives, the organisation  will develop local and international partnerships with reputable institutions of civil society (such as NGOs, local communities and organisations, academic institutions and networks, etc.) and with  persons who are active in  similar domains; will organise missions, will cooperate with  public administrations and legal entities under public and private law and will use all appropriate and lawful means so as to distribute the benefits of its actions to the target groups. The organisation may cooperate with other Greek or foreign entities who have similar objectives.

5. For the purpose of furthering its objectives, the organisation may receive subsidies from the national government, supranational authorities, international organisations and legal entities governed by public or private law, Greek or foreign, in general, as well as donations from any third party; may organise fundraising events and generally engage in any lawful act which contributes to the accomplishment of its objectives.

6. The initial fund of the organisation was raised by equal contributions of € 70 euro from each of the initial founding members and amounts to €1,990. This includes the contributions of six (6) initial founding members who donated their contributions to the non- profit organisation.  All members are required to contribute their own work, according to their capabilities. The Executive Committee (or ExCom, see below, Article 10) may decide extra-ordinary contributions from the members to address the financial needs of the organisation.

7. The organisation is non-profit and its operation is governed by Articles 741 et seq. of the Civil Code. The liability of the members for the organisation's debts is limited to the amount of their contributions.

8. The organisation is managed by the General Assembly of Members, the Executive Committee and the Controllers.

9. The General Assembly is the supreme management body of the organisation. It is convened by the Chair once a year in January as well as each time it is requested by a third of the members. The General Assembly has a quorum when half of the members are present. If this is not attained there is a second convocation, in which the General Assembly acts by a simple majority of those present, except for specific issues set out in this Statute.  Honorary members are entitled to participate in the GA as observers. However, they have no voting rights and a non-invitation by the Chair shall not result in an irregular convocation of the General Assembly.

10. The Executive Committee consists of five members: the Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, a member and the Vice Chairperson who replaces the Chairperson on all matters in case of impediment. The mandate of the Executive Committee shall be for three years. At the end of its mandate, the Executive Committee shall report on its activities to the General Assembly, whose approval will discharge the Committee from any liability.

The Executive Committee, starting 14 April 2010, is composed of the following members:

Chairperson: Dionysia Sotiropoulou-Vardaka

Vice Chairperson: Aspasia Vardaka-Martini.

Secretary: Christina Papadaki

Treasurer: Elissavet Papazoi

Member: Eleni Spachi-Papazoi

11. The organisation is represented before public authorities, national or supranational organisations, as well as before third parties, persons or legal entities of public or private law, by the Chairperson, who binds the organisation by signing under the name of the organisation. In the absence or incapacity of the Chairperson, the Vice-chairperson signs and if absent or unavailable, the latter is replaced by all other members of the administrative/Executive Committee, acting jointly.

12. The organisation ‘s  accounts and books are kept by the Treasurer and are always available to the members. Accounts are closed each year on 31 December, thus ending the corresponding fiscal year.

13. The accounts of the organisation are audited by the two Controllers appointed for a renewable period of three years by the General Assembly. For the first three financial years the members Panos Mavroeidis and Dimitris Koukoutsas are appointed as Controllers.

14. New members are accepted by the General Assembly convened by invitation, on the recommendation of the Chairperson, and provided they pay the share of seventy euro (€70). The decision of members must be unanimous and absent members give their vote in writing.

14A. At the recommendation  of the Chairperson,  a person or  a  legal entity,  who have provided or may provide important services for the achievement of the organisation’s objectives, can be nominated  as honorary members of the organisation. The executive committee shall prepare and maintain a list of honorary members. The proclamation of a person as honorary member requires the agreement of at least four of the five members of the executive committee. Any former member of the organisation, except those that have been expelled  or are proposed for expulsion under Article 15 hereof shall be entitled to request the Chairperson to recommend to the Executive Committee his/her nomination as  honorary member. Honorary members may not have any kind of involvement in the Representation and Management of the organisation.

15. The General Assembly by a qualified majority of seventy percent (70%) can expel a member for serious breach of the terms of the present articles of association or of his/her obligations. The Chairperson, before deciding to propose the expulsion, requests a written apology.

16. In case of death, judicial ban, withdrawal or expulsion of a member, the organisation continues to function with the remaining members. Each member is entitled to terminate his/her membership and to withdraw from the organisation, without any claim from it.

17. If and when the organisation is dissolved, those members that are appointed as liquidators, pursuant to Article 777 of the Civil Code, will carry out their duties. The use of assets is determined by decision of the General Assembly, to fulfil objectives related to the organisation.

18. With the exception of Article 14 which cannot be changed, the GA may decide to amend the provisions of the statutes.

19. The organisation's duration is indefinite and starts with the publication of statutes within the competent Court of Athens.

20. These revised articles of association, as amended, were read and accepted by the members unanimously with date of validity 14 April 2010.



- Dionisia Sotiropoulou-Vardaka, Pharmacist, 17562 P. Faliro

- Christina Papadaki, Private employee, 17121 N.Smirni.

- Aspasia Vardaka-Martini, Notary, 14576 Dionysos

- Maria Eleni Kousidi, Writer, 11144 Athens

- Evangelos Vardakas, Mechanical - Electrical Engineer NTUA, 17562 P. Faliro

- Panagiotis Mavroeidis, Auditor, 16342 Ano Ilioupoli

- Nikos Andritsos, Journalist, 14235 Athens.

- Katerina Pantou, Political Scientist, 16342 Ano Ilioupoli ..

- Stefania Tsouka, Graphic Designer, 15342 Ag.

- Philippos Vardakas, Journalist, 8013 Barcelona, ​​Spain

- Spyros Maniatopoulos, Lawyer, 14563 Kifissia

- Christina Dounia, University Professor, 15669 Ag. Paraskevi.

- Dimitris Koukoutsas, Informatics / Photographer, 15232 Halandri.

- Katerina Kappou, Environmentalist, 15232 Halandri.

- Fanourios Kazouris, Electrical Engineer, 14561, Kifissia.

- Panagis Martinis, Business Consultant, Melissia

- Eleni Spachi Papazoi, European Commission official, 10675 Athens

- Alexandros Spachis, European Commission official, 10675 Athens.

- Elissavet Spachi, Chemical Engineer, 10675 Athens

- Alexandra Spachi, Mathematician, 10675 Athens

- Elissavet Papazoi, Civil Engineer, 10558 Athens

- Nymfodora Spachi, Guide, 10676 Athens

- Maria Prokou, Economist, 14575 Stamata

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