12 / July
2017 07 Official Presentation of the Special Neonatal Inhaler (nCPAP) at the University Hospital of Ioannina

On Monday, July 11, 2017, the official presentation and operational demonstration of the Special Neonatal Inhaler offered by the organisation  P & C4L at the Department of Intensive Care of Neonates of the University Hospital, Ioannina. In the event participated members and friends of the organization that accompanied us on a trip we organized to Ioannina combined with a visit to nearby Zagorohoria.

The Director of the Intensive Care Unit for Neonates, Mr. Vasilis Jaapros, as well as the nursing staff, impressed us with their sense of duty and devotion, humanity and self-sacrifice they demonstrate in managing this important unit hospital unit! There are only a few and still manage the impossible and often do wonders !!!!!!

The Director of the Hospital and the Department of Paediatrics attended the meeting.

Among the people we met was the mother of newly born twins, who had no words and was overflowing with joy and gratitude, since one of her two children, with a lot of trouble, was helped with this snorkel.

This  contribution of "Panos & Cressida 4 Life - Panos & Cressida help for children" is instrumental in addressing the problems of helping the premature babies in Northwest Greece!

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