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2018 - 2019" MOBILE SCHOOL" in the Eastern Macedonia, Greece.

We were informed of an initiative undertaken by the Ladies Association of the Drama town in the North of Greece, to offer mobile schooling in their area and we decided to get associated with them and support them, on their request, by acquiring a special van, based in Drama, allowing easy movement of  the "Mobile School" to more remote areas of Eastern Macedonia, where there are about 5,000 children living and working in the streets. The van will initially move to the city and county of Drama the "mobile school" along with the "street workers" - trainers aimed primarily at educating and raising awareness of street children who do not attend school regularly.

Here is the background to the story: This initiative was launched by the organisation “Mobile Schools“ (MS for short) in Belgium, already present in many European countries. Its purpose is to integrate children living and working on the street who do not have easy access to the school environment.

 MS is a growing mobile crawler equipped with many panels and interactive educational games. In its full development it "unfolds" at 6m and the whole process of intervention takes place around this space. MS is aimed at children aged 6-14 years and aims at complementary non-formal education, training, socialization, emotional balance and integration of children from troubled families, or children from socially excluded groups who for various reasons do not have the ability to go to school regularly. MS is an innovative out-of-school education tool that does not replace the conventional school. It is a complementary tool for social workers, teachers and psychologists, and aims to bring street children to their familiar surroundings, in the most remote areas, to the streets, to the squares and to enhance their awareness of learning.

With the revenue of our Bazaar 2018, donations from friends, members and Eurobank , a regular supporter of our actions, we were able to purchase it.

This specially equipped Van was made and delivered with new logos !!

Remember: All this was done with your own contribution!

for more information: MS: http://www.mobileschool.org

video MS in different countries: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnhmd-gwaTUuMbNzuUGTOwUKiBqvmIyKI 


you can watch here below the first long travel of the Mobile School via the new van we have offerd to them


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