22 / Oct.
2019 ASTRONOMIC OBSERVATORY, school of Nikiforos Drama

The installation and commissioning of an "Astronomical Observatory" was inaugurated in the courtyard of the Gymnasium in the nearby village of Nikiforos Drama. This is the only school in Greece with an astronomical observatory:


The creation of this "small Observatory" will help to develop joint activities with other schools, as teachers and children will be able to collaborate with the help of computers and the Internet, participating in interactive science learning and night-time observations of the astral system.
The vision, goals and voluntary work of everyone in this Gymnasium is inspired and coordinated by the Physics Professor Mr. M. Dogramatzidis and his associates, the Principal of the school and, of course, the students.
The efforts of all of the above have attracted the attention and gained the admiration of the organisation Panos & Cressida 4 Life - Helping Children , to decide the donation of 10,000 euros to purchase the dome of the astronomical observatory, to provide for placing existing and future equipment  and to allow the observation of the stars!

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