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2020-2023: The Mobile School is traveling!

2020-2023: The Mobile School is traveling!

During the years 2018 to 2020 the Mobile School performed in and around Drama, in Northern Greece, moving manually, as they did not own “wheels” for transportation.   Our organization, after a thorough investigation, donated to the "Drama Ladies' Association", in 2019,  a specially equipped Van so that the Mobile School could have the ability to move and transport equipment and learning materials in the remote areas of Eastern Macedonia.

Since 2020 the Mobile School and staff travel, 3 times a week, performing a dynamic and amazing activity, within the framework of the "Active Citizens Fund" programme. The management, in Greece,  is a joint venture undertaken by the “Bodosaki Foundation” and “Solidarity Now”, while the implementation is completely managed by the "Drama Ladies' Association".  This extremely active association has, lately, been awarded by the "Islands of Quality" and "BRAVO Sustainability Awards" in recognition of the importance of this project.

The programme "Mobile School Travels" tries, with interventions, to reach disadvantaged areas of the Drama Municipality, Kavala and Xanthi in order to reach, mainly Roma children that are excluded from school communities or children that, because of family environment and difficulties, cannot be close to regular education. The programme, also, organizes parallel activities on creative employment and training in health, personal hygiene and nutrition.

Combatting the phenomena of school dropouts, deprivation and illiteracy while is a significant goat while, at the same time, there is strong effort in encouraging the children's participation in school units. The tools supporting this activity are blackboards with special theme, math and language educational panels, chalks, drawings and colors so that children, that do not often have the opportunity to be and participate in a classroom to learn, explore and have fun at the same time.

Detailed news on the development and activity of "The Mobile School Travels” can be found here:

https://mobileschooltravels.com/sto-plaisio-tou-ergou-to-mobile-school-taxidevei-tis-enosis-kyrion-dramas-s-a-f-epimorfosi-schetika-me-tin-ygieini-diatrofi-sta-paidia- roma-tis-filippou/


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