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2022 / 06 Members of P&C4Life visited the Elementary School of EXOMVOURGOS, in Loutra (Island Tinos).

2022 / 06 Members of P&C4Life visited the Elementary School of EXOMVOURGOS, in Loutra  (Island Tinos).

One of the joys of our organisation and its members is the successful finalizing of a project. The finalization our donation for an integrated "In the memory of Achilleas Martinis" Multipurpose Center-Library at the, most beautiful, Elementary School of Exomvourgos-Loutra Tinou, was the stimulus for a visit by members and friends of our organisation during the first week of June 2022.

The official inaugural was preceded, by a modest ceremony, in August 2021, with few attendees but, unfortunately in an empty school, as the students could not be present, due to the pandemic.  However, the Library was fully functional for all the school students during the school year (2021-2022).

During our June visit, elementary school students, were eager to welcome and proudly show us around their school and then presented us with a musical event that thought of and organized with the dedicated Principal Mrs. Tina Frima and their truly inspiring class teachers,  in appreciation to our offer that we were, very happy, to approve.

Photos and videos, here below, will give you the opportunity to see the wonderful, happy and touching moments felt by the attendees:



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