24 / Nov.
Bazaar 2019

Sunday 24 November 2019 / Electra Palace
Navarchou Nikodimou 18, 105 57, Athens near Syntagma Sq.

Once again, this year we are getting ready for our annual Christmas Bazaar on Sunday, November 24, 2019 at the Electra Palace Hotel, 18 Navarchou Nikodimou Street (Syntagma). As always you will find a variety of, most notably, handmade sweets, jams and cookies, handmade jewelry, P&C4L's established calendar, Christmas and other various ornaments, natural cosmetics and more, that will help you to plan the gifts you will offer during the holidays.

This year, we hope to be able to meet a double goal with Bazaar's revenue (and not only):

-The first objective is to complete the sponsorship for the creation of an "Astronomical Observatory" in the open space of the high school Nikephorou Drama, which will house the existing and future equipment (telescope, camera, laptop etc) which will conduct astronomical observations. The creation of this "small Observatory" will help to develop joint actions with other schools in the wider area, as teachers and children will be able to collaborate with the help of computers and the internet. P&C4Life, participating in the effort of teachers and students of this school for interactive science learning, decided to implement this special Astronomical Observatory dome.

At Nikiforos High School, the physics teacher has already set up an outdoor physics lab and sundial park for which they have already been awarded # bravoschools2019, with the '2nd Prize in Quality Education' in a competition organized by the Active Citizens Network .

-The second objective is to offer a "specially equipped wheelchair" for the transportation of the young, quadriplegic, Nikos Manessis, an excellent student, who we support for years, and who, today, is in the final High School grade and is getting ready for the Law School!

Mark the date so that we get the pleasure of meeting you again.

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