05 / Nov.
Update on our new project in 2019

The non-profit organization P & C4Life wishes to contribute to the diffusion and expansion of an extra-curricular method of education in the form of a mobile school. The Mobile Schools (MS) organization in Belgium has introduced this method and is operational in a number of European countries. Its purpose is the social integration of children who live and work on the street and belong to socially excluded groups who do not have access to education. The Mobile Schools (MS) organization sensitizes children creatively to showcase their skills and to make them love learning.

Our goal is to benefit children coming from the regions of Northern Greece, and especially eastern Macedonia, starting from the city of Drama where there are about 5000 children living in such conditions. The evaluation of the action is carried out by the parent organization in Belgium.

For P & C4Life to be able to carry out this project, we will collaborate with an association on the spot in the city of Drama, the "Union of the Ladies of Drama" which is already integrated in the program "Mobile School" and which is operational since two years. “the ladies of Drama”  have all the equipment needed except the mini van, needed to transport the equipment to more remote areas where these children live. Our association will commit to the purchase of this specialised van , second hand, for a  price amounting to about € 20,000. Subsequently this van will be transferred to the association "Union of Ladies of Drama" so that, in case this current program is at a certain time terminated, the association can use it for another similar programme-purpose.

The Mobile School is for children between 6 and 14 years old.

You can see more information on the following sites:

· Mobile School: http://www.mobileschool.org

· Ladies Union of Drama:. http://www.dlu.gr

· As well as the MS activity video from different countries:


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