17 / Mar.
The nasal respirator (nCPAP) was delivered to the Neonatal Hospital in Ioannina, Epirus

On March the 17th, the delivery of the sophisticated Nasal Inhaler (nCPAP) for premature babies or babies with breathing problems took place. Panos & Cressida 4 Life offered it to the neonatal intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Ioannina. A unit comprising of amazing scientists dedicated to their work - that serve the entire region of northwestern Greece, providing hospitalization to 500-600 infants each year.
This nasal inhaler -which has costed 16.000- will help to strengthen breathing of hundreds of newborns, eliminating or reducing to a minimum the possibility of injuries that are created by the "conventional" respirator that has been used so far.

The reception of the Director of the unit and all the doctors and nurses was very moving!

The operational presentation of the machine will take place in early July, when we will organize a trip to Ioannina and Zagorohoria Epirus), with members and friends of the organization.

nCPAP: nasal continuous positive airway pressure , for neonates

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