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2018 actions & achievements

In 2018

• We offered two incubators, worth € 18,000, at the "Intensive Care Unit of Neonates" at the General Hospital of Heraklion, Crete -PAGNI-, which cares for more than 500 children every year, and is the only such facility for the whole of Crete.

• From the proceeds of the successful concert "Music Dream" that took place in March at the "Parnassos" Philological Hall, we create the first "Music Corner" for unaccompanied children - boys aged 13-18 years - staying at the hostel ORION of the "Home Project" organization. There is a good chance that we be able to  create a second one at the girls' hostel. Once the music corner we sponsor is ready, we will upload photos.

• We gave 7 scholarships to talented young people "in need" to continue their studies.

• we offered a wheelchair to the brilliant little Nico (tertaplegic) that we have been supporting for several years, and we created a special "ramp" at the home of the young destitute student George (who has many stairs) to be transported by wheelchair. He suffered craniocerebral injuries after an accident he had on the road. George used to work as a delivery boy sometimes to cover his expenses.

• We supported 15 children from 10 needy families that our schools have proposed from the areas of Keratsini, Drapetsona and Perama, less privileged part of the capital hit by the economic crisis.

• With the collaboration of the umbrella organisation “Together for Children", we prepared "Packs" with school bags, supplies and clothes.

We realised these actions with money collected from last year's fund raising Bazaar, from our other events, membership subscriptions and donations on the occasions of happy or sad moments  offered to us by members and friends of the organization.

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