31 / Mar.
Concert: "Music Daydream of Love"

Another fundraising event of P & C4L took place on 31 March 2018, as an initiative of the youngster Achilleas Martininis. The event was embraced by members and friends whose comments were very positive.

At the concert performed young talented artists, professional or not, playing classical and modern musical pieces with violin, cello, guitar and piano.

16-year-old Achilles Martinis played on the guitar Giuliani, and Alvarez, the 13-year-old Ion Martinis on the piano played Mozart, Schubert. and Chopin, while Mavina Markopoulou on the piano played Schumann and Hatzidakis. Panos Bletsas and Stephania Tsotra sang Greek and international songs.

At the latter stage of the concert, the "String Demons", brothers Konstantinos and Lydia Boudounis, with their violoncello, violin and percussion, uplifted the mood with their unique performances that included explosive combinations of classical, traditional and rock music!

The original idea of Achilles, a second grade High School student who is driven by his passion with music in the content of his school's social support project, wanted to help unaccompanied minors who are alone in Greece, and therefore experience an extremely difficult life day by day, much worse than what the children of the wrold should be facing!

The concert's revenue will be donated to "The HOME Project" www.homeproject.org with the aim, among other things, to purchase musical instruments for the creation of a "musical corner", a place where children can learn, and play music.

It is proven that music unites, helps to coexist and communicate with people from different parts of the world, regardless of the different languages, habits, religions and customs. Engaging in music will help these children to re-start dreaming about the future, become optimistic and integrate smoothly into the community.

Like Plato said, "music is one of the key ingredients to learning."

Thank you all for your support, Members, Friends and Sponsors!

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