26 / Nov.
The Christmas Bazaar of Panos & Cressida 4 Life

BAZAAR 2017: 26/11

This year's bazaar is in the past. We got busy but worth every step, every breath, every effort, and, of course, every offer.

We were all there, at the preparations, at the celebration and at the summing, and once again, we felt great gratitude, relief and, above all, emotion, because we achieved our goal together.

With the main Bazaar of Athens, the little Bazaar to be held on 9 and 10 December in Brussels at the hospitable home of Helen Spachi and with some other small events in January, we will be offering both the Incubators at the University Hospital of Crete. A big goal, important and essential, that will help little infants in their first breaths. And we got there thanks to you!!

Thank you all warmly.

You were, you are (and we are sure) that you will be by our side, beside us and with us to help as much as you can.

From the small cookies to the jewelery, from the sweet to the jam, from the Cretan delicacies to the handmade handbags, the purchase of the diaries, the Christmas gifts, the renewal of the donation or any donation and the necessary physical presence before, during and after the celebration...

All this has contributed to the huge success of this year's event.

Thank you from our heart!

Some photos from Sunday's bazaar November 26:

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