09 / Dec.
The Christmas Bazaar in Brussels

Another successful event of "Panos & Cressida4Life" in Brussels.

This year's Panos & Cressida4Life Bazaar, which traveled for the first time in Brussels, was marked by great success despite the snowy weather. It was hosted in the house of Eleni and Alexandros Spachi in a joyous holiday atmosphere. It was set up with the priceless help of Mary Kaminaris and Anda Sotiropoulou, with handmade Greek sweets, Christmas decorations and charms, jewelery, and a corner with gifts and products from Nepal and India. The presented items proved to be very appealing and new to the Belgian visitors, who at the end of the two-day bazaar had bought all there was to be sold!!

The event was a good opportunity for old and new friends to meet and also acquire new volunteers.

The aim of this Bazaar, which was fully achieved, was the financial contribution of:

1) the supply of two incubators for the Intensive Care Unit of Neonates in the University Hospital of Heraklion and, 
 2) the payment of the bills for the special hospitalization of the eighth month Marie-Artemis that we support (Liver Transplantation at the St. Luc Hospital in Brussels).

Both goals are so important and essential that will help little people to face surviving issues.

The attendance and the warm response of the people will be the driving force for organizing similar events in Brussels in the future.

We sincerely thank our Greek and Belgian friends of the organization who supported and helped us with their presence at the setup and also during the two-day duration of the Bazaar. Also, we would like to thank all the generous sponsors who offered us great products.

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