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Another fundraising event of P & C4L took place on 31 March 2018, as an initiative of the youngster Achilleas Martininis. The event was embraced by members and friends whose comments were very...


Another successful event of "Panos & Cressida4Life" in Brussels.

This year's Panos & Cressida4Life Bazaar, which traveled for the first time in Brussels, was marked by great...

Achievements of “Panos & Cressida 4 Life” from its founding (2006) until today...
Nursery school for 150 children in Maboromokoni, Kenya (construction and operation) 46 .230 €
Construction of a residential building for teachers in the remote school Simbu in Nepal. 9 .000 €
Aid to sick children and their families. Food provisions for schools. 129 .443 €
Scholarships and other support to youth for education purposes. 72 .690 €
Sports and education venues in deprived areas in Greece (Kassos island, Karpathos island, Platanos in Ileia, Women’s prison in Thebes, Kyrgia in Drama, Theotokos Foundation, Argyri in Karditsa, Nissyros island, Tilos island). 116 .058 €
Aid to other organizations in schools and purchase of educational equipment for children and young people with special needs. 103 .200 €
Aid for recreational purposes and for the social integration of children and youth with special needs and for youth from deprived areas. 12 .480 €
489 .101 €
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